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The Forgotten Titans by BillWalko The Forgotten Titans by BillWalko
This was a commission from 2007 consisting of the little-known and under-appreciated Teen Titans members: Azrael, Minion, Prysm and Mas Y Menos. Some might say there's a reason they aren't appreciated... but they were all fun to draw!
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NonieR Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
'S terrible that I only recognize Azrael, innit? Mostly read TT in the early '80s, and have forgotten most except the Deathstroke plotlines.

I've never forgiven DC for warping Slade from the original antihero--functionally a Tragic Hero whose flaw was pride, and it destroyed everything he ever loved--into a generic irrational villain in books like Batman Vs. Robin.

And yeah, I DO know that comics companies can't keep the same writers (and artists) on the same book for decades; I just hate the outta-character results, especially in those Ultimate Final Last No-Really We-Mean-It Crisis of Infinite Excuse For Crossover Sales storycrashes. But I can gripe anyway, so there.

And-- you know, it's not that I hate all character updates; I'm still fond of both the original blaxploitation Blade (the first guy to ditch the Victorian swoony melodrama, and also to kick Dracula in his undead balls) and the kickass movie version. I just like them to be, you know, AUs who can both exist in their own storylines.

So don't get me going on the New52 killing every DC character I care about in mid-story. I'd probably have loved the new books if they were a separate AU like Marvel's Ultimate line, but I suppose DC was tired of being accused of imitating Marvel and all. Instead--well, I really do try to like the new stuff for its own sake, but underneath I find it really puts my back up every time.


--Nonie, only 54 but already a curmudgeoness-in-training
cartoonheart Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
The only one I didn't know was Minion. I've learned something today ^_^ I love Prysm, I wish we could see her animated one day.
Beatlemaniaa22 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010
Coo!! :D Great work!

I think you should have included Kole too
Arcalian Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Prysm at least should have been appreciated, and none deserved to die.

Redwing, Dagon, ahhh, this is old hat. You know my thoughts.
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December 19, 2009
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